April Walk Challenge


OK lovelies so ita time to have some serious challenge neh?? Yes .. you hear it right.. THE WALK CHALLENGE!!

What TO DO??

Well very very easy but alot beneficial for you! You have to walk 10,000 or more steps daily! And have to update on group! Yeahh we aint getting it light but you seriously have to update it! Under two hashtags…

#aprilwalkchallenge and #postnatalweightlosswitharooba

Kindly save these tags on your clipboard to remember wvery day!

What next to do?

Keep walking and keep updating.. by the end of April i.e. 30th april the competition or challenge will go off! The winner will get a Big Surprise Prize from us and a lunch or dinner with me and you will be my guest❤❤❤

What application is best??

In pictures below I have shown Pedometer and SHealth as most accurate and good step counters for Android and IOS… please download them only!

Isnt it special and interesting??

Keep adding your friends in this group so they can take part too❤❤❤

Do not cheat… do not miss!❤❤

10,000 daily are recommended by worldwide good hwalth associations for a positive and healthy cardiac activity and strong body!
So walk…. walk… and walk…???❤