I will Never Try Wonder Wax Again! Here it’s why?

So, like every other girl who wants a smooth hairless skin I also am a wax fan. Though I am not a frequent wax person but yes, this is the only way I prefer for removing hairs! After all the ouch and ooohs of wax times, I truly wished that there must be something that would cause you no pain and work would be done magically too! This company named Wonder Wax which is now very popular on our social media feeds, claims that we can achieve that hairless skin with almost no pain. You wonder why? It is because the wax is naturally extracted from Bee’s wax and it sticks to your hairs instead of your skin, so when you’re actually pulling it out, your skin doesn’t pulls and only hair does!

Well, for the sake of those attractive adds, I tried to find it and use it. It actually doesn’t do what it claims! So, can you make a sense that any wax doesn’t stick to your body and your hairs only? I used to make no sense before too, so yes you are not alone ;). It’s a wax property that it has to get sticky to your skin because your hairs are part of it. So the claim no 1 fails! It really does stick to your skin and yes it pains automatically when you pull it out, so please, never try it on bikini like ever and ever!!!

This wax after getting dried sticks to your body, so u have to pull it off immediately, the more time you take to pull it off, the more it sticks to your skin and the harder it gets to pull off. So yes, be very cautious with time and instructions otherwise you will end up having small blood bubbles like me.

And yes, not to forget the biggest flaw! They say that we aren’t suppose to re apply the wax on the same area in less than 24 hours, but what if its ain’t removes your hairs at one go? Sadly, it doesn’t takes your all hairs off on one go and you have to re apply and re apply but still it wont take!How pathetic, pain plus no proper hair removal?

The only best thing about wonder wax is it dries in just a minute and it doesn’t need ¬†straps to pull it, so you need to do by your hand. This saves the waste of straps and is less messy. But, still it pains!

Wonder wax isn’t bad, but it has nothing new. If you see this add down the article closely, you will find that they waxing on extremely less or no hair skins. The pull out game is so lusty that you would want to try it right away but in a actual case, it isn’t.

One thing more, the company sells it very expensive, but you can find it now everywhere at less than triple half the cost so yes, you can try it if you want. But, for me its  BIG NO!