How to Workout At Home

Ever since I started fitness journey, all I was asked for was tips to workout at home. Nevertheless, it is not very difficult to workout at home at all! Infact, at home you are at ease of your own. You can wear whatever you want and can do whatever you like to do. I have never been to gym, all my life I have workout at home only. Being a mom of two small kids, I would always want to stay at home but never did skip excuses of not working and that was the reason that my kids learnt yoga postures even before they could walk correctly. Amazing, yeah? So, I am going to share something that would help you working out at home and attaining a good fit body!

Things Needed:

Well, technically you are not owing a home gym right? So, you do not need a lot of things to workout at home. A good yoga mat, fitness bra, fitness active knickers, easy dry active t – shirts, easy dry active pants and a pair of good snickers or joggers is all you want! You can have a gym ball for yoga and balancing exercises. A water bottle is a must have while working out to keep yourself hydrated through out. And yes, not to forget, you do need few dumbbells to workout with weights at intermediate stages.

How to decide What to Do?

A most common concern of all ladies working out at home remains within the type of workout to do. However, it is not at all a tough task to think about. Look yourself in mirror and analyze your problem areas. Mark what you need to do and just work on it. I am sure we all have many problem areas and we cannot stick to just one but, analyzing what comes first saves a lot of time and effort. You can do full body workouts too just like how I do now. But, when I started, I used to make schedule for days e.g I would devote Mondays for chest, Tuesdays for abs, Wednesdays for thighs, Thursdays for hips, Fridays for back, Saturdays for cardio and then Sundays as holidays.It is absolutely no harm to give your body time and rest in fact its beneficial for itself to give it a booster hug.  Still, I follow the same routine a lot of time but once your body is habitual of working out, you can just do whole body work out every day.


Which Exercises to Follow:

I have uploaded series of videos to guide you all what are best exercises for which body parts. However, I am telling you here as well categorically to follow them well:

  1. Chest: Wall push ups, chair push ups, bur pees, triceps dips, bench press, barbell or dumbbell press and etc
  2. Abs: Crunches, Sit ups, Russian Twists, Mountain Climbers, Scissors, bicyle Crunches, plank and etc.
  3. Thighs and Hips: Squat, Lunges, Wall sit, Dog kicks, forward and backward lunges and etc
  4. Back: Basic Pull ups, Chin Pull Ups, Hand free Pull up, weighted Pullup and etc

Are You Doing it Correct:

It is very important for you to watch out all the basic moves and steps of every exercise. Exercise, if not done correctly can be extremely harmful for your body parts. You can watch numerous YouTube videos by legendary fitness trainers to learn basic workouts and also you can follow this space for same too.

How Can I Do Cardio At Home:

A lot of people have misconception that cardio can only be done at gym because of machines. No, its never like that. Cardio is any exercise that is done faster that its normal range. It increases your heart rate, increases your palpitation and makes you sweat. The more you sweat, the more you get good fat loss. You can do any exercise faster than its normal pace to increase your rate. More good examples of cardio are Zomba, Aerobics, Jogging on same spot, skipping rope and etc.

I hope this blog will be useful for you and would motivate you to workout at home better and regular. Remember, your life is as important than any other thing. If you have good health, you have good life. Do take care of yourselves 🙂