Attractions to Visit in Toronto

We had an absolute fun traveling around Toronto on Eid Weekend. We visited Places that we never did before and each one gave us uncountable memories and learning. I am penning them down for you in detail to make it helpful for you to plan your visits. You can find the best deals and prices at Attractions Ontario website.



Situated at 100 Queens Park in Toronto, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is an essential destination for tourists and residents alike. Prior to my visit, I had underestimated its allure, but once inside, I understood the immense appeal. This expansive four-story museum features enormous dinosaur structures and skeletons, making it an absolute must-see for dinosaur enthusiasts, especially children. Witnessing the exhibition “T.rex – The Ultimate Predator” was a delight as we came face to face with the mighty T.rex at every stage of its life, from infancy to adulthood. The lifelike skeletons truly provided an immersive Jurassic Park experience.

The ROM also showcases the rich cultures of Africa and Europe spanning centuries. From exquisitely preserved armor and shields from historic wars to captivating furniture, cutlery, and architectural artifacts, the exhibits offer not only mesmerizing visuals but also valuable insights into the past.

On the fourth floor, the Gallery Art presents fine art and photographs from various artists who have had extraordinary encounters with nature and wildlife. We were so captivated by the displays that we visited the ROM twice, as it is impossible to cover everything in a single visit due to its vastness.

Personally, I fell in love with the museum’s stunning architecture and rich cultural heritage, and I intend to visit again with future guests. It’s worth noting that the museum offers free admission every third Tuesday night from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm. For regular visits, ticket prices vary based on admission type:

General Admission:

  • Adult: $26.00
  • Child (ages 4-14): $16.00
  • Senior (ages 65+): $21.00
  • Student (with valid student card): $20.00
  • Youth (ages 15-19): $20.00

Additionally, if you wish to experience the T.rex exhibition, the General Admission + T. rex: The Ultimate Predator tickets are priced slightly higher. Tickets can be purchased from the official ROM website at I can assure you that this experience will be nothing short of extraordinary.


Despite our initial doubts due to the rainy weather, visiting the Toronto Zoo turned out to be the best decision we made, taking a leap of faith. The rain actually enhanced the zoo’s beauty, creating a picturesque scene straight out of a movie.

The Toronto Zoo is an enormous attraction, housing more than 3,000 animals from over 300 species across various regions representing different parts of the world. The zoo’s extensive grounds span over 10 kilometers, emphasizing its vastness. We were particularly enthralled by the polar region, specifically designed for polar bears, where we could observe them both from enclosed glass areas and in open spaces as they roamed around. Lions and tigers also had dedicated spacious areas, visible from bridges, cages, and glass enclosures. The kingdom of gorillas delighted us with their engaging activities and adorable skirmishes, providing a special treat for our children.

Within this incredible place, you’ll encounter a plethora of birds, reptiles, and marine creatures. The animals are all well-maintained in their natural habitats, offering a valuable learning experience. We discovered creatures we had never seen before, leaving us spellbound and in awe of nature’s wonders.

The Toronto Zoo offers a Zoo Mobile, a guided tour of the entire area, available for $9 per ticket or $30 for a group of four. Although activities such as the kids’ zoo, zip-lining, and the merry-go-round carousel were closed for the season during our visit, they will likely be accessible after May 20th.

Ticket prices for the zoo vary according to age and disability status:

  • Adult (Age 13-64): CAD $24.20
  • Senior (Age 65+): CAD $19.35
  • Child (Age 3-12): CAD $15.50
  • Free admission for children aged 2 and under
  • Adult with a disability (Age 13-64): CAD $12.10
  • Senior with a disability (Age 65+): CAD $9.68
  • Child with a disability (Age 3-12): CAD $7.75

Parking is available at a standard rate of $15 for the entire day. The Toronto Zoo provided us with a delightful experience, and we look forward to visiting again. For more information, you can visit the Attractions Ontario or Toronto Zoo  website.



We embarked on a fascinating guided tour of the Distillery District with Go Tours Canada, which turned out to be our first guided experience since arriving in the area. Prior to this tour, we had no knowledge of the historical significance associated with this location. Our guide, Erick, a charismatic and witty individual, skillfully led us through the history of this remarkable place in a captivating manner that fully engaged our attention. To make the journey even more enjoyable for the children, he devised entertaining tasks involving locating specific bricks with letters, creating an engaging activity that allowed them to learn about the Distillery District.

The Distillery District is brimming with remnants from the past, and the facts surrounding its history are truly mind-blowing. The real highlight, however, was the collection of props and buildings that served as major tourist attractions, offering countless opportunities to create cherished memories. Whether you choose to explore during the daytime or revel in the evening ambiance, the entire district exudes a unique vibe that is sure to captivate you. Additionally, there are numerous restaurants, charming cafes, and delightful shops to cater to your retail therapy needs.

The walking tour lasts a maximum of one hour and is priced at $21 plus tax per person. For more details, you can find additional information on the Attractions Ontario website or visit Go Tours Canada for more information.


Our final destination was the Agha Khan Museum, an exceptional cultural treasure in Toronto. This museum is dedicated to showcasing the rich and diverse heritage of Islamic art, culture, and civilization. Situated in the heart of the city, it stands as a testament to the visionary leadership of His Highness the Aga Khan IV, the spiritual leader of the Ismaili Muslim community. With its breathtaking architecture and tranquil surroundings, the museum offers a captivating voyage through centuries of Islamic history.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by an extensive collection of over 1,000 artifacts, including paintings, ceramics, textiles, and manuscripts, which provide a glimpse into the artistic accomplishments of Islamic civilizations spanning from the Iberian Peninsula to China. The museum also hosts rotating exhibitions, educational programs, and performances that further enhance the visitor experience.

Beyond its exhibits, the Agha Khan Museum serves as a cultural hub, fostering dialogue and understanding between different cultures and faiths. It offers a peaceful sanctuary where visitors can contemplate, learn, and admire the beauty of Islamic art and culture. The museum’s dedication to promoting intercultural dialogue and deepening understanding of Islam makes it a truly distinctive institution in North America. Admission to the AK Museum is a flat rate of $10 for adults, seniors, and children, with parking also priced at $10. Check out Attractions Ontario or Agha Khan Museum for more information.

I hope this blog was helpful and I would love to learn about your experiences visiting all these fabulous places.