Ever wonder that you are eating clean or skipping meals in a diet and still not losing weight? And even if you are losing then that’s too very less or with no visible changes in inches? Well, this is how workout plays a role in your weight loss and healthy and fit lifestyle.

A lot of us ignore workout because of the laziness or the busy routines we carry. It seems difficult or an impossible thing certainly to push our bodies for workout or even a simple brisk walk. Many times this ignorance is the result of actually knowing nothing about different workouts or yoga for different parts of the body. We do not have an idea about how to do certain workouts that will affect our certain body parts and will tone them to better.

This section is specially to guide you all about different workouts, yoga and runs that you can do at the comfort of your own homes without running to gym. You will be able to learn them through assisted videos where it will be shown proper way to do them.

From pregnancy to postnatal workout and yoga to toning and muscle building workout, every single video and post is meant to provide you enough guidance about the topic. Just click on your desired one and learn step by step. Practice it and have a great toned body! 🙂