Guilt Free Carrot Delight

Have you ever heard of guilt free carrot delight? Many of us don’t go for sweets and delights because of their guilty fats that we have to suffer with later. But not any more! Donot starve your sweettooth as the recipe of yummy carrot delight is right here:


Carrots.                                     4 large

Honey.                                       2.5 tbsp.

Asli Ghee.                                  1 tbsp.

Milk.                                           Half liter.

Cardamon.                                3.

Almonds.                                   7 to 8.


Finally grate all carrots and put them separate. Now put half liter milk in a pan and add all grated carrots with honey. Keep it on low wok and let it cook till milk dries. Now on a separate pan put asli Ghee with cardamon seeds. Let them pop up to brown color and then add them on carrot mixture. Mix together till milk dries completely. Take it on a good serving dish and garnish with almonds. Enjoy your guilt free yummy carrot delight ☺