Cesarean Postnatal Body and Weight Care

As we undergo surgeries, our body requires time to heal up and get back to normal. Many reasons like fluids shifting in and from surgery, swellings, injections, cuts, bruises, medicines and etc. make body expand weighing more than before. Cesarean delivery is one of the major stomach surgery that makes body suffer through several cuts, injections, medicines and fluids changing and this is why women having cesareans find it hard to lose weight or even weigh more than before and specially with stomach fats stored many people would doubt you are expecting again!

Cesarean postnatal body and weight care is very important to reduce baby weight in a slow but healthy manner. Proper cesarean postnatal body and weight care is the key to get back to goal weight in healthy manner with a good fit body. Here are few points to assists in your cesarean postnatal body and weight care


I remember in my both C-sections, I was asked to walk by my doctor and mid wives as soon as my body got back from its numb state due to spinal anesthesia. It was difficult and painful but this is what I thank for most. Walking is the key of healing. The more you walk, the faster your stitches heal. Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes at a time or till where your body allows but keep walking.

Soupy and Semi Solid Diet:

By the time you are operated to three days, you will be given soup and semi solid or easily digestive diet to avoid constipation hurting your stitches. But doing same diet for the rest of one month or more is actually very good in every manner! Soups are best meals to help cutting off fats and reducing weight while energizing and strengthening you equally. Anything like boiled rice, boiled vegetables, juices, watery meat, chicken and fish curries and etc. are best to heal you faster and give you strength while helping you lose weight too.

Avoid Oily Things:

The worst things you can load your body with are oily things. They are the main reason for many health related issues like cholesterol; cardiac attacks, blood pressure as well as they are one of the main contributors of belly fats that are quite hard to shed. Avoid oily things and try to use as less oil as possible.

Say NO to Sugary and Sweet Things:

Sugary or sweet things are the biggest reason of obesity and belly fats. Sugar really damages your body slowly and steadily. With type 2 diabetes risk which is the main reason of many diseases and health issues, those stubborn fats are also created due to high intake of sugar that we take to satisfy our so called ‘sweet tooth’. In other to stay healthy and active, say no to sugary and sweet things completely.

Postnatal Yoga:

Stretching is the best thing you can do with your body. It strengthens your body, improves elasticity and flexibility, relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation that helps in fastening of metabolism. Postnatal yoga can be done as soon as from 2nd week of your cesarean. It tightens your stomach muscles that prevents sagging of belly skin and helps in getting flat belly very soo