Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Our entire postnatal weight loss depends upon the calories and fats we consume during our nine months of pregnancy. With the misconception of eating everything and in large portions, make our bodies decked up with heavy fats that are accountable for many health related issues such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol problem, breathing issues and so on. While pregnancy is a very delicate moment of a woman’s life, she has to be assured that the food she is taking must be healthy for herself and her baby. Following are some foods that should be avoided during pregnancy:

Fatty / Fast Food:

Most of us love pizza, pasta, burgers and fries and many pregnancy cravings are related to these foods. While these foods are very fatty and unhealthy, these are also bad for baby’s immune system and they are known to weak them before birth! Fast foods even if are made under very clean and hygienic conditions have strong fats in them that make you over weight. These fats are stubborn and stored in tummy for long and take longer to shed after delivery.

Soft / Frizzy Drinks:

Carbonated drinks are dangerous for any normal body and pregnancy is all a matter of care! Avoid use of soft and frizzy drinks no matter how much you crave for. It’s been 3.5 years I have left cold drinks. I left them by the time I got to know I am expecting. Being caring for your baby is the ultimate need of pregnancy. Soft drinks damage immunity and weaken bones and they should be avoided completely.

Processed Foods:

Processed foods have certain chemicals in them that make their expiry long. Products like canned fish, beans, chickpeas, all frozen foods items of chicken, meat, minced and vegetables, all fruit juices, pastas and cereals should be avoided that has written processed on them and have long expiry dates.

Raw Foods:

Any raw foods such as sushi, raw chicken, uncooked meats should be avoided. They are fat boosters and are not good for your baby as well as you.

Sugary and Sweet Items:

The good 25 kilograms of my first pregnancy weight were all of a result of too much sweet consumption. Pregnancy cravings are hard to fight with and most of women crave for sugary and sweet items during their pregnancies and as a result not only weight gain but gestational diabetes occurs. Sugary and sweet items are not only dangerous for yourself but for your babies too. Studies have proven that too much sugar intake can cause type two diabetes not only in you but also on your baby along with life time obesity.