Five Health Damaging Habits

A lot of us are running on the wrong paths daily. Our weights, bodies and health are greatly affected by the lifestyle habits we carry and therefore it is necessary to eliminate those bad habits or to change them for good. There are five health damaging habits you should change immediately:

  • Smoking:

Nicotine is one of the most dangerous things for health. Along with respiratory, lungs, bones, heart and brain damage, smoking creates 90 percent chances of having type 2 diabetes that is really hard to get rid of. Diabetes is a life going disease that has vast impact on all body organs and body weight at large. Along with that, smoking affects immune system to the greater extend that attracts many diseases and syndromes.

  • Spending Time on Electronic Media:

Studies prove that spending a lot of time on electronic media is very hazardous for health. Its affects your brain that affects your whole body, people spending time on electronic media are prone to be more obese as compared to those who spend no or very less time. The more time you spend on electronic media, the more you feel hungry and the more you eat, result? A fat body!

  • Irregular Sleeping Patterns:

Our sleep affects our health in a great manner. Irregular sleeping pattern like sleeping late at night and then waking up late diminishes many essential vitamins and minerals from our body. A human body is required to sleep minimum 6 hours, even sleeping late at night but waking up early at morning creates lack of sleep in body that affects health, brain and weight.

  • Eating Fast Food Regularly:

Once or twice a month is acceptable, but eating fast food regularly is a not wise thing for health. Along with many diseases like cholesterol and diabetes, fast food affects digestive track and immunity system to great extent. 99.9 percent weight issues are related with the consumption of fast foods and their elimination has proved significant effect on ideal body weights.

  • Drinking Less Water:

Over 50 percent of our health and body related issues including weight are dependent on our water intake. An ideal amount of water a person should drink in a day is between 2 to 3 liters. Drinking less water means inviting many health and body related issues. More water means more urination that expels toxins and bacteria from your body and that helps in staying fit and getting rid of diseases and infections.