Conceiving and Losing Weight

Are you trying to conceive and have talked with your gynecologist about it? What does she says? A weight loss first may be? Being overweight is one of the major concerns of fertility. Obesity creates hormonal imbalances and problems in ovulation. It distorts monthly cycle and prevents egg production as result fertility gets distorted. Especially when trying for the first baby, obesity creates major hindrance in fertility in association with Poly-cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Pregnancy and weight loss and correlated to each other. While you try for conceiving you are always advised to lose weight to assure healthy pregnancy for both you and your baby. In many cases being overweight doesn’t affect conception that is you can get pregnant while being overweight too but then that pregnancy possibly results in miscarriages, abortions, still births or even birth defects specially spina bifida. Along with that gestational diabetes, high blood pressure causing preeclampsia that has a high risk of premature delivery is one of the common causes of much weight gain in pregnancy.

Apart from these issues, being overweight can potentially affect health of your babies in long run. Several researchers have identified that more weight in pregnancy causes lifelong diabetes in babies along with obesity that itself is a big health problem inviting other syndromes as years pass.

Conceiving and losing weight is not only beneficial for mothers but for babies too. If you are at ideal weight according to your BMI, then not only pregnancy goes smoothly but also your baby is born healthy and normal and cherry on top is your postnatal weight loss struggle becomes very easy.