Pregnancy and Healthy Diet

After getting pregnant the first thing we focus on is our diet. Our relatives specially old age aunties always get after us to eat more and more to make our baby healthy and fat. Our minds too act in their ways and we keep on eating! Nevertheless in many cases people feel hungry too but choosing the right food to eat is all we need to know.

The common myth of eating more and heavily without time measurements and right portions is all that leads to heavy weight gains during pregnancy. During pregnancy our body needs only certain amount of extra calories to work in producing a healthy baby. We misconnect it with oily, cheesy and fatty stuff instead of clean, healthy and nutritious foods.

During first trimester we should be taking amount of 300 extra calories per fetus. That means if multiple fetus then we should be taking 300 per baby. During second trimester we should be taking amount of 300 to 350 extra calories per baby. And during third and last trimester, we should be taking amount of 400 to 500 extra calories per baby.

This formula is with the exception of different bodies, ages, and health conditions. You should always be looking for your health care provider’s advice in regard of taking calories and total weight gains.

How to Keep Track on Calorie Intake

It is very important to keep track of the calories you are taking however it may sound difficult as to how to calculate them. Well, here are following ways you can:

  • Mobiles and Tabs Applications:

    Gone are the days when we used to calculate our bites and amount of ingredients in food. We are proud Prego’s of modern century to find it easily with tips of our hands! There are many calorie counting applications for Android and Apple users that count your meal calories and you get the idea what numbers you are taking.
  • Regular Health Checkups:

    Never skip a checkup appointment of your doctor. I remember during initial months till last month I used to have an appointment with my doctor every month, but I used to take follow up appointments for every 15 days making them twice a month every month. This way I used to know my weight gain and baby growth. The follow up appointments in mostly hospitals are free and you should avail them, this way you keep a track on your weight gain, off course if you are gaining too much then you need to cut off your calories and if you are gaining way too less or not gaining then your calorie intake is low and you should focus on more healthy eating options. Plus your health care provider also keeps a check on your pregnancy weight and suggests a good diet plan.
  • Have a Digital Weight Measuring Machine:

    It is not always possible to go to doctor, so you should have a digital weight measuring scale at home where you can measure your weight every week. Digital machines are more accurate and hence you get good idea for your calorie intakes.