Product Review Of WoMn Cosmetics

WoMn cosmetics is a skin, face and hair care brand based in AbuDhabi and is managed by a couple Goran Vestermajer and his wife Nena Ostrogovic. This brand has recently started their organic Argan product range for skin, face and hairs. All the products are purely organic and are directly extracted from the plants. I was provided with four of their skin and facial care products and two were in the retail packaging and two were in samples. The products could make you feel that yes they are organic and no artificial flavors, fragrance or chemicals are used. Before suggesting and providing you the product, they ask you a detailed questionnaire about your skin type. Upon filling and sending they would suggest you a product along with its usage and benefits. What I liked about them is they are always open for explanations and would not butter you with their benefits. It is on the basis of my 1 week use of these four products that I am writing a detailed review about them.

  • Argan and Neroli Skin Hyderate and Nourishment:

The product given was in sample in bottle of 50 ml. It can be used as day and night cream and can be used before and after applying the makeup. As promised, it keeps your skin hydrated and gives a smooth fresh look throughout the day.  Neroli is said to be extremely useful for oily parts of the skin as it balances the ratio of moisture and sebum in the skin. Here we can see how amazingly versatile Argan oil is. It suits almost all skin types and it blends perfectly with Neroli Hydrosol, nourishing those dry cheeks and helping in balancing sebum production on the forehead. It wouldn’t be fair to leave out Virgin Hazelnut oil – the best oil for combination and oily skin. It adsorbs rapidly, pulling Argan oil with itself deep inside the skin and it strongly regulates sebum secretion. And, of course, Centella which tones the skin and stimulates microcirculation and collagen production.
*Small precaution is required for those who are allergic to hazelnuts.


  • Avacado Dream:

It is a body butter and was provided in 130 ml retailed glassed jar. The packaging is beautiful and so the result it. I found it so creamy and so deliciously rich. Avocado Dream is a must have for everybody who enjoys body butter’s unique texture. Made with natural unrefined Shea butter with inbuilt ability to protect the skin from drying, it helps to keep the skin supple and to heal its delicate tissue.Organic cold pressed avocado oil, on the other hand, easily penetrates the skin but, because of the present phytosterols, it leaves a really special feeling of softness on the skin that can easily embarrass even the legends such as argan. This combination of protection and softness is supplemented with the finest lavender essential oil giving you not only heavenly floral fragrance but overall calming effect on the skin.


  • Eye Serum:

This product is specially for those puffy, wrinkled and dehydrated eyes. Works even best on dark circles around the eyes. The application needs to be done twice a day and suggests a wait of 2 weeks minimum to see good difference. It was given in the small retailed droplet bottle of 10 ml and is sufficient for a one month use. It is a beautiful combination of essential fatty acids, carotenoids, vitamin E and skin regenerating oils. With Centella for nice tissue drainage, wrinkles and dark circles reducing and Tamanu oil for soothing and calming the skin, this products works exactly as best as promised.

  • Vanilla and lemon Face Scrub:

This organic face scrub comes in a glassed jar of 100 grams and I was provided with well packaged sample of 50 ml. It has to be used once to twice in a week on a wet face with the anti clockwise massage for good 5 to 10 minutes after a regular soap or facial cleanser. The result is amazingly satisfying yet after the first use. It leaves your skin nourished and glowing. Divine fragrance of caramel and cane enhanced with true vanilla oil and lemon essential oil is exactly what your skin needs. Dark brown sugar delicately exfoliates the skin while vanillin for vanilla soothes and regenerates, leaving your skin soft and supple.

I loved the use of every single product and they affected my skin greatly. Though I could not use them as required amount of the time but the result was evident from the very first use. You would love the texture and would be satisfied with the smell of argan and other products smells that they are totally natural and organic. Every product has the recommended time usage on its bottom. The best part of the organic products is if they wont benefit you then they certainly wont harm you either. I would recommend the use to everyone who is seeking for natural and organic products. I am satisfied and very thankful to the company to send me these amazing products for the review. I am sure to purchase them in future as my skin is addicted to them! For now they are working on their website to enhance viewer’s experiences but you can get these products through:


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