Oats Scrub for Clean Face

How often do you visit salons to get facials and cleanings done? Or how many tines you really wish to visit but can’t due to any reason? Well, how about getting something easy and effective made at home? This oats scrub is not only a scrub but a mask too! It has everything that you would want to have in your facial looks. Acne free skin, blemishes gone, no pigmentation, less blackheads, brightened skin and whitening effect is all it promises and trust me I can swear for it! Not only these things but the ultimate glow that it leaves on your face for days is truly worth giving it a try!


Oats.                                                    2 tbsp.

Honey.                                                1 tsp.

Milk.                                                   1 tbsp.

Turmeric powder.                      Quater tsp.

Lemon.                                         Few drops.


Mix all ingredients together to make it a thick batter. Cleanse your face with your regular soap or face wash and apply it on wet face. Keep applying and gently scrubbing. You can also use derma roller if you like. Keep massaging for 5 to 10 mins on cheeks, sides and front of nose, under eyes and upper eye lids, forehead, chin and neck. Just like you do regular scrubbing and massaging, keep doing the same way. Apply more on your whole face and neck and leave for 10 mins. Slowly rinse with cold water while massaging the mixture off your face. Pat with dry towel and apply any moisturiser or toner. I personally apply Argan Oil.

Try doing it once a week atleast and enjoy youthful glowing skin ❤