Fenugreek Seed in Water – A Miracle Drink

Being a woman myself, I always try to find safe and healthy home remedies that provide cure for my all body and health related issues and disorders. Being miles away from medicines and considering them rather dangerous, I always prefer to go for easy, healthy and effective remedies to work for me. And this drink is actually what I can swear for. Fenugreek seeds in water is as amazing as the bunches of products and medicines aren’t.  Yes, compared to the investment you would make in all those doctor clinics and then for prescribed medicines and skin care products, this drink is a total life and pocket saver. All you need is a fenugreek seeds packet and water.

How To Make?

Definitely not a rocket science and easier than even boiling a egg! Soak 1 tsp of fenugreek seeds in 1 cup of water overnight with lid covered. Drink it as first thing in morning empty stomach and donot eat or drink anything for atleast 45 minutes. The idea is to let it work to trigger it’s benefits.


Yes like me, you all must be curious for all the benefits this drink contains. Hold on to your positions as there are many!!!

1. It works best for female’s months cycles. The regular use gives you regular periods on time with less pain and mood swings and Offcourse a perfect healthy flow wiping out all dirt from your systems.

2. If you are a PCOS and Thyroid patient then this drink can be as wonderful as all those medicines! The regular use balances your hormones and regulates your thyroid levels as well as helps ending or eliminating PCOS completely!

3. It is a best digestive tool you would need for your body. It fastens metabolism and detoxifies your system resumting in fast digestion and clean system.

4. It helps in dealing with acne, scars, breakouts and blemishes on your face leaving a natural glow. Just boil 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in 2 cups of water leaving it to quater only. Leave it for overnight, drain water and grind next morning. Apply it on your face and leave for 45 mins as a heavy mask. Remove the mask with your hands and pat your skin with cold towel. Tada! You get beautiful glowing skin!

5. Not only for face, it works best for your hairs too. Donot throw the drained water just spray it on your roots and leave it for 45 mins. Wash with your shampoo and enjoy shiny silky hairs without blowdry!

6. Not only for females, the drink works effectively for males too! Yes it increases their libido and boosts masculinity!

7. If you have diabetes, this drink is a miracle for you. The comutinous use will not only improve your diabetes numbers but also is best for your body insuline resistance.

8. If you are a person with high cholestrol levels then do not make it late to use this miracle drink! Yes its the best cholestrol fighter and strengthens your cardiac activity.

So many advantages in just one drink? Would you still invest on products or medicines? I personally would never! Use it.. stay healthy and stay beautiful ☺