Petal and Peels

When it comes to skin care, my ultimate choice revolves around natural and organic products. I am a ‘no salon’ lady and I love working on home remedies mostly. But, when it comes to natural and organic product, I would be the first one to try it. So, during my stay in Pakistan, I came across this wonderful small brand, Petal and Peels. As the name suggests, everything in it is made of natural flowery petals and peels of fruits and vegetables. How cool! Petal and Peels has mainly four products that they offer to their consumers i.e. Facial Scrub, Rose Water, Body Scrub and Face Mask. I simply loved each and every product! No wonder, they are really natural as they leave your skin glowing, radiant, smooth and fresh for long time. I would review them all one by one so that you may have idea of ingredients and procedure.

  1. Rose Water:

Among all the products, if you ask me to rank first, I would name Rose water. I have used many herbal rose water brands but have never found any of them so appealing and natural! This rose water is made up of pure rose petals and pure water with tint of aloevera jelly. You are suppose to refrigerate after use because it cannot survive under normal room temperature and gets fungus quickly.




  1. Facial Scrub:

If you are a person with sensitive skin or are one with skin issues like pigmentation, acne marks, dark spots and saggy skin, then this scrub is for you! Made up of natural rose petals and orange and lemon peels and other fruits enriched with antioxidants and vitamins, this scrub is your best cure. I use it personally with raw milk or rose water but the same brand. It gives smooth look in just 10 minutes.





  1. Face Tightening and Hydrating Mask:

Made up of organic clay, rose petals and orange peels, this mask is simply amazing! You can use it right after scrub or can use it occasionally whenever you feel like. It gives you radiant and dewy look in less than 20 minutes. Mix it with rose water and apply on dried face, let it be there till it dries and then rinse off with cold water. It tightens face and gives younger and fresher look.

  1. Body Whitening Scrub:

Removes tan and gives a smooth texture to the skin. Natures finest roses are dried and blended with citrus peels and other natural exfoliating agents to gently polish away little imperfections. Skin is left brighter and visibly even toned.
Safe to use on underarms.