Green Juice

Ever wonder what could be best for your skin and hairs naturally? Salon visits and makeup is not always easy to do daily so here its for you all. I had worst acne with hair fall. I could see the dark patches and blemishes on my face and hair loss patches on my skin. I tried everything but failed until one day I tried this miracle green juice, easy to find ingredients and minutes to make it. Not only it assists health and fitness but is ideal for your face, hairs and nails.❤



Kale                                              One
Spinach                                       One
Cucumber                                   One
Broccoli                                       Few small bunches
Celery                                           3 Sticks
Kiwi                                              One – Two kiwis
Lettuce                                         Few leaves
Coriander                                    Half bunch
Lemon                                          Few drops


Take everything and put in juicer one by one to make a naturally green juice,  sprinkle lemon to add flavor. Healthy for face, hairs and nails, best for weight loss and increases metabolism if used on daily bases.